Nominate Your Teacher for the First
App Inventor Foundation Teacher Excellence Awards by August 7!

In conjunction with the MIT App Inventor Summer Appathon, the App Inventor Foundation is hosting the first Teacher Excellence Awards to recognize outstanding teachers who have promoted creativity, technological empowerment, and computational action through App Inventor. Participants who join the Appathon will be able to nominate a teacher with a supporting story (minimum 100 words) and optional videos or photos. Nominations will open after the Appathon registration deadline and will close on August 7. Honorees will be announced at the end of August.

Register for the MIT App Inventor Summer Appathon by June 21 to participate!

What is App Inventor?

App Inventor is a free and open-source web platform that allows learners, hobbyists, and inventors to create mobile applications through a graphical drag-and-drop interface.

We were founded in 2007 by researchers and developers at MIT and Google with the vision of enabling anyone—including those who may not think of themselves as coders—to create mobile apps for real, effective change in their communities.

MIT App Inventor has been a powerful tool for me to develop applications that solve real-world problems. Gitanjali Rao, TIME's first Kid of the Year (2020) and inventor of Tethys, Kindly, and Epione

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In 2021, App Inventor served 7.5 Million users, 43% of whom were from developing countries.

Who We Are

The App Inventor Foundation is a nonprofit established by the creators of App Inventor from MIT and Google to support the expansion of the project as it grows beyond MIT.

My mission is to empower anyone, anywhere, of any age to create meaningful technologies that can transform their lives, their communities, and the world.

Los Angeles, CA

Natalie Lao, PhD

Executive Director

MIT Enterprise Architect and Former IETF Security Area Director

Cambridge, MA

Jeff Schiller

Board Chair

Former VP of Engineering at Thunkable and Co-founder of App Inventor at Google

San Francisco, CA

Mark Friedman

Board Secretary

MIT Professor and Founder of Creative Commons, the Free Software Foundation, and App Inventor

Cambridge, MA

Professor Hal Abelson

Board Member

Starting in 2023, we will be launching App Inventor classroom management tools, teacher professional development resources, and global initiatives focused on social entrepreneurship. If you are interested in supporting the App Inventor Foundation, we invite you to contact us.

Join us to empower kids across the globe to create apps that improve their lives, uplift their communities, and change the world.

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